Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

There are many benefits to participating in a clinical study. You’ll be granted access to a potential new treatment before it becomes widely available to the public. Even if you do not explicitly benefit from the results of the clinical research study, the information gathered from your participation throughout the trial will help others and future medical research.

Being a part of a study empowers you to play a more active role in your own health care. If certain treatments are not effective or covered by insurance providers, clinical trials can be a great option.

Additionally, good clinical practices are of a high standard. Researchers may provide you with medical care and more frequent health check-ups as part of your treatment, helping you feel supported for the duration of the study.

Additional reasons to join a clinical trial:

  • Potential compensation for time, travel, etc.

  • Participation is always voluntary, so you may withdraw from a study at any time, even if the study is not over.

  • Patients are protected through informed content processes.

  • Each federally supported or conducted clinical study is regulated by the FDA and must be reviewed, approved, and monitored by an institutional review board (IRB). 

What clinical trial participants said about their experience:

“My wife saw the advert on a social media platform and told me about it. Very easy to sign up and great people doing the study. I would do another study in a heartbeat”

“Simple. Easy to complete.”

“It was simple to sign up and the dermatologist reached out right away.”

“Everything was super easy to fill out and the reps at The site were all super nice!!”

“It was very easy to sign up, and the trial was a great experience”

Participants are a vital piece to the process of improving medical care, such as helping prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases and illnesses. Everyone who participates in clinical trials makes a lasting impact not only in science, but in others’ daily lives.

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